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a small selection from various Blues-Meister Live Shows including

Live @ Alfie & Hetty; Glebe
The El Rocco Room Potts Point and
The Gearins Hotel; Katoomba.
The Uniting Church Community Hall

Track one and three features Stewart Hall on Harmonica,
Track 2 features Theo Hayse on Harmonica
Track 4 features Continental Robert Susz on harmonica
Track 5, 6 and 7 features Rodney James Moondrop Smith on Harmonica


released February 3, 2015

produced and performed by Ash Wanders



all rights reserved


Ash Wanders' Blues-Meister Express Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Exorcising a Ghost (A.H.Benthe)
Am I just the ghost of me come back to visit you?
Sometimes I feel as thou i can't really be with you
maybe i'm only dreaming and you're just having the same dream
until you feel this distance you won't really meet with me it seems
you won't really meet with me it seems

That which makes us resist life, makes us resist us
we need to feel much more than flesh and blood inside us
when we touch

it takes for me to never leave your spirit when apart
and you to trust its beautiful and safe to get lost in our hearts
Track Name: All the People (M.Mark)
Some people they get all the luck
Some people well they just get stuck
but I get a feeling for all the people in the world

Don't always do the things I should
In the meantime well i try to be good
and I get a feeling for all the people
in the world

Too many things to be fixed
not enough hours in the day
people up to their fancy tricks
only leaves me wanting to say

I get a feeling for ALL the people in the world
. . .for ALL the people in the world

Some people they got their own kind of hope
some people got dope
but I've got a feeling
for ALL the people in the world
Track Name: Sucker (A.H.Benthe)
Sucker (A.H.Benthe)

She came up to the bar and said "what are you doing here'
i'd never seen her before in my life
She was alive , and i had nothing to live for
She really drove me right out of my hive
i guess you could say i was attracted to her kind

oh yeah but love wasn't enough we needed somewhere to live
so we got a hotel room and we soaked up some ghosts there
soon we was-a-jivin' the rent
our drinks had dried up and our memories spent
just then the land-lady started prying the door
so we jumped out the window and went bought some more
before too long we had so many empties that we
stuck 'em in the cupboard and barracaded the door
but the police were at the window now
so the only way out was to dig a big hole
and escape through the floor

'coz im an ever-lasting sucker for pleasure
an ever-lasting pushing, shoving sucker for pleasure
i tried to control it but i made myself sick
so now im back to tell the world how to make the idea stick
and stick with it

We had to dig so deep we bumped into old nick who at the time was
waving his trusty old stick and yelling
you thought you got away with that but you hear me out
and i don't give a damn how much you scream and shout
you did a bad thing despite that story you'd sell me
so i'm sending you to an eternal life of pleasure in hell

'Coz i'm an ever-lasting pushing, shoving sucker for pleasure
and when it comes to doing it my heart know no measure
did you make yourself sick
pretending you were a brick
until you realised
desire's a treasure

One day we'll fly to the land of our desire
way up high theres nothing that we require
in the land of our desires
through the rain water wind and fire
to the land
to the land

to the land of our desires
Track Name: Shadows in the rain (Sting)
Woke up in my clothes again this morning
don't know exactly where I am
I should heed my doctors warning
He does the best for me he can
he claims I suffer from delusion
I'm so confident I'm sane
Theres no optical illusion
How can you explain
Shadows in the rain
Track Name: Twenty First Century Blues / Rock & Roll Heart (A.H.Benthe/L.Reed)
Divide and conquer style foreign policy
paranoid style pre-emtive strike
Hollywood style controlled demolition
Global fascist-state style torturing
mass-hypnosis style terrorist warning
conspiracy label new excuse for not learning

You just say nonsense son
information dehydration
is what your suffering from
yeah nonsense son
what you're suffering from
is information dehydration

Workers are pawns in thier game of deception
The media relies on our lack of attention span
Top-Down dumbing down
CIA infiltrated
feeding off fears
Lowest common demominator
all seeing eye
The so -called enlightened ones
heart chakras so fucked up
they may as well be blind but you say


Do you question this authority?
Do you investigate the tyranny?
Do you ever wonder how we benefit from misery?
We just stay deluded in a bubble called the west
and just keep getting sold that what we got is the best

and so
Be a hardy roach in your approach to their rhetoric
and take good care to always be
committed to your betterment
Track Name: It's my one fault (B.B.King)
B.B. King Tribute

It's my one fault baby
Treat me the way you want me do
It's my one fault baby
Treat me the way you want me do
When you were loving me
at the time I didn't love you

You used to make your own paychecks
and bring them on home to me
and i'd go down to the hillside and i'd make every woman drunk i see
it's my one fault baby
treat me the way you want me do
When you were loving me
at the time I didn't love you

Shake a leg baby
your going out with the boys
You say your gonna leave me woman
you're gonna be over in illinois

it's my one fault baby
treat me the way you want me do
when you were loving me
at the time I didn't (know what the fuck i was doing)